Megatrend University the winner of the Dositej Award

Megatrend University has been awarded the "Dositej Award" established on the occassion of the twentieth anniversary of the higher education in Serbia.

Megatrend University is the only higher educational institution to have been awarded this award. The jury, presided by the academic Ljubomir Zukovic, awarded particularly high grades to the results of Megatrend University towards joining educational, scientific-research and artistic methods and procedures striving towards a systematic and scientifically based picture of the world and mand's position in it. The other winners are Universities of Belgrade and Kragujevac, Matica Srpska from Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy in Banjaluka, University Library in Belgrade, Serbian cultural society "Prosveta" from Zagreb and Dositej Obradovic Foundation in Belgrade.

This award, presented by the Serbian Pedagogical Movement, will be awarded at the ceremony to be held on May 23rd.